Mt. Marcy(The Summit of NYS)& Avalanche Lake

森谷 東平  Tohei Moritani


Hiking is Dramatic

Time:7.8.09 ~7.10.09

The 1st Day: Driving 5h、

   Hiking  2.3mi

      Camping at Marcy Dam

The 2nd Day: Hiking 13.1mi = 21.1km

Marcy Dam

-Mt. Marcy(Altitude 5344ft = 1629m)

  1. -Lake Colden - Avalanche Lake

-Camping at Marcy Dam

The 3rd Day:  Hiking 2.3mi,

             Driving  5h

This was the first time for me to camp in the midst of a remote mountain area in the USA although I had done at public camping sites where cars can reach.  This time I stayed at a “lean-to” or a camping shelter, indicated by the mark
in the following map. At the summit of Mt. Marcy located in the Adirondack State Park, NY, I enjoyed the 360 degree view of green mountains and lakes.  I went down through the trail to the west gorges, Lake Colden and Avalanche Lake.  The latter was breathtakingly beautiful in the combination of the lake and towering cliffs although I had a hard time to go through the trail of Avalanche Pass.

Gear  Mt. Marcy - Hiking is Dramatic